September 2016

Introducing the Mach 500: The Future of Waterjet

KENT, Wash., 12 September 2016 – Flow International Corporation, the world's leading developer and manufacturer of ultrahigh-pressure waterjet solution for cutting applications, announced today the release of the Mach 500, an entirely new waterjet system marking the arrival of a new industry standard. The Mach 500 waterjet system delivers improved productivity and unmatched service. Designed around extensive research and customer feedback, the Mach 500 is revolutionary in terms of throughput, reliability, productivity, ease of operation, and backed by a comprehensive service and support program, an industry first.


"The Mach 500 is more than just an advanced machine tool”, says David Savage, chief executive officer of Shape Technologies Group, the parent company to Flow. “It represents a groundbreaking solution that not only includes industry leading technology – from ultrahigh-pressure, to the drive system, to the core components of the machine – but also includes unmatched service and support to maximize our customers’ uptime and system productivity."


Flow has integrated top-of-the-line components from world-leading suppliers for the machine drive, precision motion system, motion control, and solid model software to create the quickest, most accurate Flow waterjet system yet.


"The Mach 500 is unlike any other waterjet currently available in the industry,” says Chip Burnham, vice president of marketing for Flow. “The system is quicker, producing more parts in less time than any other machine we’ve offered and is a major advancement for the waterjet industry. We have combined technology and service to give our customers a whole new level of overall quality, performance and throughput."


The Mach 500 is uniquely configurable and highly reliable. The reliability stems from the new machine design in tandem with the service programs provided. Flow provides the most comprehensive array of services and support designed to maximize uptime and productivity of the waterjet system.


"We are excited to offer industry exclusive maintenance and service programs” says Andrew Ross, director of aftermarket for Flow. “These new programs are designed to maximize uptime. Our service packages will be tailored to meet a customer’s exact needs, based specifically around their application and system."

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